Before You Settle Down

Here are 27 things you should do before you settle down. I got this from a video I found in my sister’s phone. I’m not sure where it was from, or who the creators were, because sadly she already deleted it. Credits to the owner.

  1. Travel with your BFF’s
  2. Learn to cook (I tried to fry a fish once, and the oil splattered. I’m never going to try to cook again.)
  3. Be financially independent (Trust me it’s hard.)
  4. Face one of your biggest fears (I’m going to go for sky diving.)
  5. Live alone
  6. Accomplish a goal
  7. Find your drink of choice
  8. Make the first move (I did ask him. It wasn’t my fault we weren’t on the same page.)
  9. Challenge yourself
  10. Take a road trip
  11. Try a nice restaurant by yourself
  12. Live somewhere else
  13. Learn to drive manual
  14. Find a new show and watch it all in one weekend (I’ve done this a lot of times! Thanks KissAsian!)
  15. Get fit (Pacer, don’t forget to track my miles.)
  16. Build something with your hands
  17. Stay up until the sunrise (This one definitely goes with item 14, especially with Kdramas.)
  18. See your favorite artist live (Sure, once I can afford Taylor Swift’s ticket concerts!)
  19. Make a list of books to read and then read them all (Done, though NYT made up the list.)
  20. Learn to fight (Is karate enough?)
  21. Volunteer
  22. Try a new hobby
  23. Apply for your dream job
  24. Keep a journal (If I don’t forget to do an entry.)
  25. Have a long conversation with a stranger (This one’s actually great.)
  26. Do something crazy and spontaneous (I was thinking of getting a tattoo, but then it would no longer be spontaneous.)
  27. Get to know yourself

There you go. Which items have you tried yet? Let me know!


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