Hello, brother!

It’s nineteen minutes past midnight, and I’m still wide awake. I have to let this out, but I can’t seem to find a word for what I’m feeling right now. This must be how Taylor felt when she sang, “sad, beautiful, tragic.” I’m happy, yet I feel like crying. The only show that I’ve passionately followed for 8 freaking years just ended. Well, it actually ended last week, but I’ve been putting it off. I needed some time to build up the courage to watch the last episode. The Vampire Diaries. #TVD. Farewell!

I have read only the first five books of the book series the show was based upon, but I have to admit, Kevin and Julie gave life to it. It’s really been one hell of a ride! It wasn’t the typical vampire teen drama. Yes, it started off with a love story between Elena, a small town high school girl, and Stefan, a vampire seeking redemption, then it escalated to a love triangle when Damon, Stefan’s smolder-y, sexy, and dangerous big brother, as co-creator Julie described him, came in with the famous, “Hello, brother!” But over the years, it became more than that. It encompassed everything – love, friendship, family, betrayal, horror – almost every theme you can think of, really. It was just as Elena described her life to be – weird, messy, complicated, sad, wonderful, amazing, and above all, epic.

Now the finale, “I Was Feeling Epic”, lived up to its name. I appreciate the fact that Nina Dobrev returned to the show one last time to give Elena and Damon the chance of a happy mundane life. I don’t want to spoil it all for others who still haven’t watched the ending so I’m not going to discuss it here, but I loved the way the writers gave closure to the characters. There’s just one little wish from the little fan girl in me. I hope I get to see Klaus finally thank Caroline in person, soon. 😉


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