Better late than never

Binge reading the Iron Fey Series and uncontrollably falling for the famous Summer court jester, Robin Goodfellow.  This work, by far, has the fieriest and wittiest depiction of Puck. Why hasn't anyone told me about this series before?! #teamPuckforever


My Ultimate Friend and Rival: My Sister

Now, just an intro, this is a write-up I did for my English 2 course back when I was a freshman in college. It's some kind of a review for Philippa Gregory's The Other Boleyn Girl. Here it is unedited. The book was very fascinating. I am not a fan of historical fiction but I... Continue Reading →


The Law of Relative Gravity: Lighten up. A problem is only as heavy as you let it be. The Doppler Effect of Communication: There is always distortion between what a speaker says and what a listener wants it to mean. The Centrifugal Force of Arguments: The farther you move from the core of the problem,... Continue Reading →

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